High FIVE Enrollment
High FIVE Enrollment
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Tree House: Kids will make sling shots, simple wood crafts, catch frogs and bugs, throw water balloons, play in the mud, and learn basic survival skills.
Builders: Kids will build structures with everything from LEGOS to Wooden Blocks. Learning about building design and how to create bridges.
Show Time! : Kids will learn the art of theater and acting. They will dress up in costumes as they make their drama come to life. Kids bring their own costumes.
Defenders: Kids will learn the Japanese Martial Art of Karate. They will learn self-discipline as well as learning to become a High Five Ninja!
Baseball: Kids will learn how to play Baseball like the pro’s in this elective. They will learn how to play each position effectively and have a great time in the process.
Volleyball: Learn from the best in this active indoor sport! Learn the in & outs of Volleyball and play hard to be the best.
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Early Drop off and Late Pick Up available as needed ($10 per use). Simply arrive early, if late pick up is needed, let us know at drop off. You may pay at the end of the week.
Early Drop Off: No Earlier that 7:00am Late Pick Up: No Later that 6:00pm
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